Wednesday, November 12

Puerto Rico

Thursday we flew to Puerto Rico. Random right? 
We got to tag along on a business trip. #winwinsituation

There was a tropical storm and so the first day it rained and rained and rained. 
It was the perfect type of rain though- warm and humid and perfect for swimming. We got the whole pool to ourselves. I even got my hair wet. 
my sis in law, hallie, turned to me and said "Woah! You got your hair wet."
There's a first for everything my dear.

(ps. i'm not skinny dipping in this picture. my swimsuit is pink. pinky swear.)

if i had a penny for every time we've buried hallie on a vacation... i would be a very rich woman.
She loves it. 
This time she did it all by herself though because she has lazy siblings. She dug a really deep hole and then stood in it and put sand all around her. Keep in mind she is 5' 7.75". So the hole was super deep.
She keeps us all young.

Since it was a business trip, we had to put in some work by going to dinner at someone's house and socializing. It was as tough as it sounds. 
We love the Max International associates in Puerto Rico. Seriously the nicest, sweetest people you will ever meet and we love seeing them every year. 

Goodbye Puerto Rico! You're beautiful!

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