Tuesday, December 2

thanksgiving part 1

Wednesday we flew to SLC for thanksgiving! 
We  I was a little worried after watching the news that morning about it being  one of "the busiest travel days" and all. But the airport was easy peasy and we found an awesome parking spot and got to the gate way early and even had time to grab a snack.

keeping ettie entertained with her favorite book "Puppy Boo".

the best thing ever is when the flight isn't full and we get a row to ourselves. So amazing! It's happened the last few trips we've been on and makes a huge difference with the little one.

We arrived at the same time as Devin's dad, so we got to see him for a few minutes and snap a few pictures!

Yay for seeing 3 grandparents in one day!

she's one loved girl.

grandpa blaine.

playing with grandma and grandpa's retro kid's clock.

don't worry, more pictures to come... I took over 600 pictures during this trip. 

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