Tuesday, August 25

weekend in the mountains

This weekend we went up to the mountains because it's been so hot here in denver!
We found this little path to walk around the lake near silverthorne and it was so pretty.

Devin taught ettie how to throw rocks into the lake.

The next night we had a ward picnic in the mountains. It was so much fun! We had dinner and then a fireside/singing time. Ettie loved the singing part and was really into it.

The kids in our ward LOVE ettie and are so cute with her. She loves it! They took care of her the whole night and played with her. She's a lucky girl!

At one point I looked over and ettie was sitting in a mud puddle eating the mud. So we had to have a wardrobe change. 

And then Devin was nice enough to let me drive home with some friends so we could stop at the J crew outlet on the way home. :)

Visit to LA

Devin got one week off this summer (which was last week)! So we went to California to hang with his dad.

Before the plane ride: she was all smiles.

At dinner after the plane ride: dead tired. She's a trooper!

Every morning we/i LOVE to go to corner bakery. It's right down the street and I love their steel cut oatmeal. (and their blueberry muffins. let's be real.)

Here's ettie swinging in malibu. 

swimming at grandpa's pool.

living the life-watching disney channel and eating chips!

One day we went to the beach in Malibu! It was so pretty!

We decided to bury ettie in the sand and she wasn't very excited about it.

But then she started smiling 20 seconds after. She thought it was pretty funny.

she looks a little anxious in this picture.

our little boy. ;)

grandpa bob got ettie a little shopping cart!  she loves to push that thing around! (and she may have thrown a fit in target when we took it away from her in order to purchase it. drama queen!)

We went to the Santa Monica mall a few times to shop and watch the street performers. 

Visiting grandpa at his office!

We also spent an afternoon at the Getty! I'm so happy that we finally got to see it! It's so pretty up on the hill looking out over LA and there are so many cool things to see inside. 

The last day we were there my dad came into town to meet with a few clients so we got to see him and go to lunch! So fun!

Thanks for a fun week, Bob!

mom and dad visit!

A couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit us! It was so fun to have them here and ettie loved seeing them! 

She thinks her grandpa is pretty cool. I don't know what it is, but ettie LOVES her grandpas. Probably because they're so cool.

We did lots of fun things! Eating at delicious restaurants, shopping, etc. Just the usual things we like to do. Props to my dad for driving 3 different times down to Park Meadows mall (30 minutes away) because pottery barn didn't give us the correct rug that we had purchased.

Ettie got to go to her first movie in the movie theater! Curious George. (i may have teared up when we were walking in. she's such a big girl!) She really liked it and watched it for about 40 minutes! Then we left. 

Devin and I got to go on a date! It was so fun to get out and to see a movie together! Thanks mom and dad!

ettie is so lucky! she got a baby doll and a stroller and books! 

After church pictures are never a good idea. Best to always take them before. Ettie was really struggling.

This one makes me laugh because ettie loves looking for planes right now. She immediately stopped crying and looked up at the sky when she heard one.

Thanks mom and dad for coming out and for taking me to cafe rio and krispy kremes on your last morning here! 

ettie was trying to hide in their luggage and go home with them.