Saturday, January 31

girls day in the city!

today ettie and i had a girls day. 
she had no idea it was different from any other day. 
but i wanted to do something fun because devin is MIA this weekend because he has a big test on monday. so... we went to the denver aquarium!
(i'm just going to forget for a minute that it cost $18 for 1 adult and $7 for parking.)
moving on...
ettie loved it. and i'm not just saying that. she was constantly looking around and taking it all in and smiling and waving and pointing. it was adorable and made it so much fun!

^^every fish tank had a perfect sized ledge for her to hold onto and stand up next to. she was perfectly eye level with every fish. 
(ps. do you see that tail thats kind of white with brown stripes sticking out of the plants? it's totally dead.... 
dead. dead. dead. 
gross huh?  i have a gift at spotting dead fish and there were quite a few today. should i call the aquarium to let them know? Debacle.)

^^this is the one part ettie didn't care for. there were tons of these bad looking fish all in one dark was quite scary. i just love her face in this picture.

^^i managed to get her kind of smiling in front of the scary tank. see white i mean? they seem a little crowded to me.

^^aquarium selfie.

^^this one was my favorite. aren't they cute????

^^shark tank ooo ha ha. 
(does anyone get my reference? name that movie!!)

^^me and my best girl!
photo taken by the man that awkwardly said ,"No. my wife would kill me!" 
when a worker asked if we were all together and wanted a picture.

^^this was my favorite! the diver swam up to the glass so i went and put ettie right up to her, because all the other kids were too scared, and it was the cutest thing when they touched hands! the diver also took out her breathing mouthpiece thing and made a heart with the bubbles. So cool! Ettie loved it. There were sea turtles too in this tank. i LOVE sea turtles. they're my favorite animal.

After the aquarium we went to two of my favorites: 
Masterpiece Delicatessen. and Little Man ice cream.  
(we got salted oreo ice cream. ettie surprisingly loves that flavor... ok maybe i'm not surprised at all... as long as it's called ice cream-- she's a fan!)

^^study break!!we originally wanted to try this new asian fusion place called "uncle" (how funny is that name) but when we got there at 5:45 there was already a 2 hour wait. 2 HOURS! must be good.
so we ended up at Tony P's pizza- a few doors down from uncle's. It's in one of my favorite areas LoHi! I'm a bad date... during dinner i went across the street to this really cute boutique and bought a shirt. devin totally encouraged me though so really i'm not that rude.

^^struggle city trying to take a pic with this gal when all she wants is to eat bread sticks.

Friday, January 30

ettie photo shoot

this is turning into the ettie blog! My favorite subject! ;)

I decided to get out my good camera for once and take a few pictures of ettie!
I'm obsessed with her crazy hair. I will try to get it wet and brush it, but it just spikes right back up. I seriously love it though. My little blonde baby.

we love warm winters

^^reverent ettie.

^^i love sleeping baby pictures. Devin sent this to me during Relief society/elders quorum. I just love her luscious lips. They look like mountains.

^^running errands.

^^every time we go to the grocery store she points to the balloons and smiles. I'm so tempted to buy her one, but i don't want her excitement to go away.

^^denver got up into the 70's this week. heaven!! it was so fun to go to the park and go on walks. The sunny days here sure make the winter bearable! 

^^swinging is her favorite!!

^^devin met us at the park after his test on monday. 

^^bless her heart. One day we went to the park and we had to wait until it was our turn to use the swing. i tried to distract her with some toys but she wouldn't take her eyes off of the kid swinging and when they finally were leaving, the mom of the kid apologized for taking too long. ha! oh ettie- gotta learn some patience girlfriend!

byu track meet

^^Last friday, Devin's little brother was competing at the air force academy for the BYU track team! Devin had class so ettie and i drove down to watch. With the assistance of "serial" to entertain me, we drove all the way down (about 1.5 hours) and watched him compete in the heptathlon! I love a good track meet. Reminds me of watching my dad run all the time. Plus I love byu so so much and love any excuse to be in the same room as some cougars! 

^^the indoor track is pretty cool! I love that mural situation.

^^gorgeous day for a mini road trip! See the cadet chapel? so pretty!

^^and when we got home, devin gave me the gift of cleaning out my diaper bag. He's a brave soul. But mostly i think he just wanted to make fun of me for the random things i carry around: 
1 bandaid. 
1 plastic spoon.
 1 hairbrush.
 dark chocolate sea salt caramels in a ziploc bag.
 receipts from everywhere.
halloween candy.
any random toy you can imagine.

^^ryan and steve stayed with us after the track meet, so saturday we made flank steak. heavenly! having a barbecue is life changing!

^ettie resting her head on uncle ryan.

my iPhone photos

^^ Dear IKEA: i love you so much and your fabulous bathroom ideas. going to the bathroom while shopping with a kid can be quite a problem. #problemsolved
and now that i think about it, maybe this isn't so new... but this is the first time i'm seen/noticed these little seats

^^ettie loves activity days with the girls! and they all love her. Last week we had a mini book club and all the girls brought their favorite book and gave a summary of it. So much fun!

^^We went to the Denver stock show and rodeo with our friends! It was so much fun! i love a good rodeo- takes me back to my high school dreams of living on a farm. I'm not really feeling the whole farm thing anymore, but i do love to see real live cowboys! yee haw!
and ettie was totally mesmerized the whole time and didn't even get bored! Devin fed her spicy nacho cheese sauce (not knowing it was spicy). Gee whiz- poor baby.

January in LA

A couple of weeks ago we went to LA to see Devin's dad for his birthday.
Oh glorious California, how i love you!
twins? ^^

^^ the first night we got there we went to Santa Monica to eat dinner at Hillstone, one of our faves!
Ettie was pretty good considering she hadn't had a nap that day and it was about 9 pm Denver time. She's a good one.

^^everything is so green and alive in CA and smells soooooo good! Ettie loved going outside without a coat on. she HATES coats, so california is her jam.

^^ in malibu, her first time swinging. PURE JOY! She loves swings so much and we've taken her multiple times after figuring out she loves it so much. She squeals with delight!

^^ Santa Monica Pier at sunset.

^^we had a fun time shopping and eating (our  my 2 favorite things to do.) And it was fun to spend some time with Bob. Ettie loves her grandpa!

til next time california!

Monday, January 12

SLC christmas

Arrival in SLC!

cousin greeting.

The airline misplaced ettie's carseat so she was given a loaner for the time being. It was so tiny and reclined so she was basically laying flat. So funny. They found her carseat and delivered it within a day or so. Phew!

dinner at Brio with all of the andersons for my grandparent's anniversary.

these cousins played for hours and hours. Don't they look like they were having fun?

An unsure ettie with Uncle Macklemore ;)
the resemblance is uncanny.
Playing our usual duet of "Chestnuts Roasting"

A lot of matching clothes from grandma and grandpa.

I love when olivia does this scrunchy face. It's my favorite.

ettie in her elf outfit to see santa clause.
Livy stoked to ride in the front seat.
(JK this is while we were parked.)

Santa! (This is the real guy by the way. )The girls weren't too sure about it.

Bob came in to town and met up with us at Happy Sumo! 

Lights at temple square. Soooo cold and so pretty.
Rockin' with Grandpa steve

christmas jammies with Hallie.

christmas jammies with olivia
christmas jammies on christmas morning.
Talking to Sean on Christmas morning!

Original pancake house! 

ettie and her twin.

ettie and livy sledding for the first time on christmas morning.