Thursday, January 8

2014 recap!

2014 was one of our best years yet!! and I'm not sure how we will ever top it. So many changes and excitement with our new little bean. Ettie has made our lives so much better! Here are the top highlights of the year!

Being pregnant and taking lots of pregnant pictures.

A couple of amazing baby showers thrown in slc by my mom and in denver by my friends.

getting the best mom car EVER at 40 weeks pregnant! love it! (this picture makes me want to go get my car washed now) Also, I'm pretty sure this guy thought we were nuts wanting a picture of him handing the key to me. You just gotta do what the pregnant lady says.

Ettie Jane being born (of course)

newborns are the greatest. those lips!

all of our families coming out for ettie's blessing.

running my first race after having e!

Going to LA and eating at a restaurant right on the beach which has become my favorite restaurant that i've ever been to. i'm totally serious. it was amazing! i have a thing for the ocean and eating right on the water. (and look at ettie's face in this picture. ha!)

Ryan coming home from his mission!

moving! and having the best movers ever to help us! We love our new place!

Hawaii was pretty sweet. and by sweet i mean perfection.

staying in a beach house in california with my family. So much fun! Once again, throw in a beach and i'm as happy as a clam.

these cousins.

speaking of cousins... this is one of my favorite pictures from this year. love those little divas with their grandpa.

having our families come to visit us!! having a baby is great because then people want to see you more. win win!

having parties and get-togethers with our denver friends. so many great people in one city!

Running the st. george marathon 6 months after having ettie! bahhhhh!!  I still can't believe i did it! 
It was such a fun weekend and i loved being in st. george with my parents and our friends carrie and grant. It went by way too fast!!

going to provo when my BIL brad defended his thesis and seeing byu again! I love that place... and their chocolate covered cinnamon bears... and seeing ex boy friends while nursing my baby in a corner of the BYU book store! yeah that happened.

one of my favorite pictures of ettie and devin. she just nuzzled right into him and smiled. priceless!
also, her chubby arms are amazing.

the CMA's were pretty rad! It was definitely hard to leave ettie behind, but also fun to get away and travel a bit and see some awesome country stars!

and then our quick little jaunt over to Puerto Rico. Holy GORGEOUS!

thanksgiving was a lot of fun! and i ate lots of chocolate pie. so it was perfect.

white christmas in Utah! and ettie's first time sledding.

happy 2015!! make it a good one!

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