Friday, January 30

byu track meet

^^Last friday, Devin's little brother was competing at the air force academy for the BYU track team! Devin had class so ettie and i drove down to watch. With the assistance of "serial" to entertain me, we drove all the way down (about 1.5 hours) and watched him compete in the heptathlon! I love a good track meet. Reminds me of watching my dad run all the time. Plus I love byu so so much and love any excuse to be in the same room as some cougars! 

^^the indoor track is pretty cool! I love that mural situation.

^^gorgeous day for a mini road trip! See the cadet chapel? so pretty!

^^and when we got home, devin gave me the gift of cleaning out my diaper bag. He's a brave soul. But mostly i think he just wanted to make fun of me for the random things i carry around: 
1 bandaid. 
1 plastic spoon.
 1 hairbrush.
 dark chocolate sea salt caramels in a ziploc bag.
 receipts from everywhere.
halloween candy.
any random toy you can imagine.

^^ryan and steve stayed with us after the track meet, so saturday we made flank steak. heavenly! having a barbecue is life changing!

^ettie resting her head on uncle ryan.

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