Saturday, January 31

girls day in the city!

today ettie and i had a girls day. 
she had no idea it was different from any other day. 
but i wanted to do something fun because devin is MIA this weekend because he has a big test on monday. so... we went to the denver aquarium!
(i'm just going to forget for a minute that it cost $18 for 1 adult and $7 for parking.)
moving on...
ettie loved it. and i'm not just saying that. she was constantly looking around and taking it all in and smiling and waving and pointing. it was adorable and made it so much fun!

^^every fish tank had a perfect sized ledge for her to hold onto and stand up next to. she was perfectly eye level with every fish. 
(ps. do you see that tail thats kind of white with brown stripes sticking out of the plants? it's totally dead.... 
dead. dead. dead. 
gross huh?  i have a gift at spotting dead fish and there were quite a few today. should i call the aquarium to let them know? Debacle.)

^^this is the one part ettie didn't care for. there were tons of these bad looking fish all in one dark was quite scary. i just love her face in this picture.

^^i managed to get her kind of smiling in front of the scary tank. see white i mean? they seem a little crowded to me.

^^aquarium selfie.

^^this one was my favorite. aren't they cute????

^^shark tank ooo ha ha. 
(does anyone get my reference? name that movie!!)

^^me and my best girl!
photo taken by the man that awkwardly said ,"No. my wife would kill me!" 
when a worker asked if we were all together and wanted a picture.

^^this was my favorite! the diver swam up to the glass so i went and put ettie right up to her, because all the other kids were too scared, and it was the cutest thing when they touched hands! the diver also took out her breathing mouthpiece thing and made a heart with the bubbles. So cool! Ettie loved it. There were sea turtles too in this tank. i LOVE sea turtles. they're my favorite animal.

After the aquarium we went to two of my favorites: 
Masterpiece Delicatessen. and Little Man ice cream.  
(we got salted oreo ice cream. ettie surprisingly loves that flavor... ok maybe i'm not surprised at all... as long as it's called ice cream-- she's a fan!)

^^study break!!we originally wanted to try this new asian fusion place called "uncle" (how funny is that name) but when we got there at 5:45 there was already a 2 hour wait. 2 HOURS! must be good.
so we ended up at Tony P's pizza- a few doors down from uncle's. It's in one of my favorite areas LoHi! I'm a bad date... during dinner i went across the street to this really cute boutique and bought a shirt. devin totally encouraged me though so really i'm not that rude.

^^struggle city trying to take a pic with this gal when all she wants is to eat bread sticks.

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  1. I love the pictures of Ettie at the aquarium!! So adorable! You're a great mom Steph!! (And if your husband encourages you to go to a really cute store and buy something, definitely go for it)!!! :)


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