Friday, January 30

January in LA

A couple of weeks ago we went to LA to see Devin's dad for his birthday.
Oh glorious California, how i love you!
twins? ^^

^^ the first night we got there we went to Santa Monica to eat dinner at Hillstone, one of our faves!
Ettie was pretty good considering she hadn't had a nap that day and it was about 9 pm Denver time. She's a good one.

^^everything is so green and alive in CA and smells soooooo good! Ettie loved going outside without a coat on. she HATES coats, so california is her jam.

^^ in malibu, her first time swinging. PURE JOY! She loves swings so much and we've taken her multiple times after figuring out she loves it so much. She squeals with delight!

^^ Santa Monica Pier at sunset.

^^we had a fun time shopping and eating (our  my 2 favorite things to do.) And it was fun to spend some time with Bob. Ettie loves her grandpa!

til next time california!

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