Friday, January 30

my iPhone photos

^^ Dear IKEA: i love you so much and your fabulous bathroom ideas. going to the bathroom while shopping with a kid can be quite a problem. #problemsolved
and now that i think about it, maybe this isn't so new... but this is the first time i'm seen/noticed these little seats

^^ettie loves activity days with the girls! and they all love her. Last week we had a mini book club and all the girls brought their favorite book and gave a summary of it. So much fun!

^^We went to the Denver stock show and rodeo with our friends! It was so much fun! i love a good rodeo- takes me back to my high school dreams of living on a farm. I'm not really feeling the whole farm thing anymore, but i do love to see real live cowboys! yee haw!
and ettie was totally mesmerized the whole time and didn't even get bored! Devin fed her spicy nacho cheese sauce (not knowing it was spicy). Gee whiz- poor baby.

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