Monday, January 12

SLC christmas

Arrival in SLC!

cousin greeting.

The airline misplaced ettie's carseat so she was given a loaner for the time being. It was so tiny and reclined so she was basically laying flat. So funny. They found her carseat and delivered it within a day or so. Phew!

dinner at Brio with all of the andersons for my grandparent's anniversary.

these cousins played for hours and hours. Don't they look like they were having fun?

An unsure ettie with Uncle Macklemore ;)
the resemblance is uncanny.
Playing our usual duet of "Chestnuts Roasting"

A lot of matching clothes from grandma and grandpa.

I love when olivia does this scrunchy face. It's my favorite.

ettie in her elf outfit to see santa clause.
Livy stoked to ride in the front seat.
(JK this is while we were parked.)

Santa! (This is the real guy by the way. )The girls weren't too sure about it.

Bob came in to town and met up with us at Happy Sumo! 

Lights at temple square. Soooo cold and so pretty.
Rockin' with Grandpa steve

christmas jammies with Hallie.

christmas jammies with olivia
christmas jammies on christmas morning.
Talking to Sean on Christmas morning!

Original pancake house! 

ettie and her twin.

ettie and livy sledding for the first time on christmas morning.

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