Friday, January 30

we love warm winters

^^reverent ettie.

^^i love sleeping baby pictures. Devin sent this to me during Relief society/elders quorum. I just love her luscious lips. They look like mountains.

^^running errands.

^^every time we go to the grocery store she points to the balloons and smiles. I'm so tempted to buy her one, but i don't want her excitement to go away.

^^denver got up into the 70's this week. heaven!! it was so fun to go to the park and go on walks. The sunny days here sure make the winter bearable! 

^^swinging is her favorite!!

^^devin met us at the park after his test on monday. 

^^bless her heart. One day we went to the park and we had to wait until it was our turn to use the swing. i tried to distract her with some toys but she wouldn't take her eyes off of the kid swinging and when they finally were leaving, the mom of the kid apologized for taking too long. ha! oh ettie- gotta learn some patience girlfriend!

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