Tuesday, March 31

ettie's ears and our birth week

Yesterday Ettie and I flew back from utah (i recap our trip in the next post) and the flight was HORRIBLE! By time we got of the plane, ettie and i were both crying. AWK.WARD.
Turns out ettie has a double ear infection and she refused to drink or suck on anything on the flight and so her ears were really painful. It was so sad, but there was nothing i could do! And the flight attendants were moody and the guy next to me had too much to drink and was telling everyone dead baby jokes (is that even a thing?). It was just awful. And the craziest part: it's only an hour flight.

Anyway... here's the little sugar plum today in her overalls.

And this is what she does when someone says "big girl ettie!" (A trick from her grandpa bob)

We went running outside today and stopped halfway through to swing!

And then we went to one of Devin's classmate's house to eat lunch. They are all very stressed and asked each other random medical trivia all through lunch. They all have boards coming up in about a week and a half and so we rarely see dev. Poor guy has to study during our family birth week!

speaking of birth week.... this is what my counter looks like right now! Yippee!!
We have easter coming up and our birthdays (April 3, 5, 7) all coming up. I'm determined to make 3 cakes and one is cooking in the oven right this second! Wish me luck.

Monday, March 2

ettie daily

I take ettie to the gym every day and she stays in kids club and LOVES it! It's so cute and I love seeing her socialize and play with other babies. She totally hated it at first and would cry and want to be held the whole time but now she's totally over it and i'm so proud of her! Now when I go in to get her she just shrugs her shoulders like "oh hi mom.." Makes my mama heart happy that she can be independent.
here she is with some baby friends:

Ettie has been an angel while i teach piano lessons. I wasn't sure how long her good behavior would  last  but on most days she will nap through a few lessons and then play with her toys for the rest of the lessons that day. On Wednesdays she goes to my friend's house because that's when I have most of my students and it's just easier that way. If she isn't there during a lesson my students always ask where baby ettie is.

future pianist.

more pictures!

sad day... after 10 months, ettie finally realized that she can take off her head bands. 

but sometimes she forgets she has one on and i get a quick picture.

this particular sunday, we went to sacrament meeting and then the bishop sent everyone home because it was snowing wayyy bad and there weren't enough primary teachers. Boo yah!

These are some of ettie's friends. She loves all of the kids in our ward. Every sunday "the ettie fan club" comes to greet her. Last week a little 5 year old asked to sit with ettie during sacrament meeting and fed her crackers and played with her the whole time. So cute.

Last week I got devin to go on a Sonic drink run with me. I don't know if he'll ever understand the fun of going to the sonic drive through and getting a drink. Some things are just best done with your high school/college besties.

Devin says ettie looks like Leonardo Da Vinci in "Ever After" in this picture. bahahah

Going to dinner in a snow storm! Best time to go! No lines.

A week ago we went with our friends, Jason and Ashley, to North County Taqueria for some amazing tacos! I'm obsessed with tacos right now and these were so so good. 
I realized recently that for my whole life i've never ordered spicy food because Devin doesn't like it and no one in my family likes it so I have just always gone with the crowd. But guess what! I LOVE spicy food. and I love corn tortillas! more than flour tortillas. GASP! Life changing stuff you guys.

Devin joined us at the library one day. Ettie loves playing with her dad.

Ettie in her corner. She plays with her toys in this little area between the couch and the tv.

snow day

Last week denver had a snow day. and there wasn't even that much snow. #weaksauce
But the roads were wayyyyy bad and there's so many dang people driving around so it did make sense. Ettie and I stayed close to home though and only ventured out to King Soopers right when the snow started.

grocery shopping is serious business.

her newest trick: taking off her shoes and socks whenever we get in the car. drives me crazy. I put her shoes and socks back on about 420 times per day.

snow selfie.

Late night walk (like 7:30 pm) to get the mail!

cozy in her crib! (until her night terrors begin. bless her heart.)

I wanted to get out of the house on our snow day and so I decided we would take a walk. but i failed to realize that strollers don't maneuver so well in deep snow. So it was a short, but really hard, walk.

February pictures

check out that bath robe.

i can't braid... so this had to be documented.

family  selfie

i'm in charge of activity days and a couple of weeks ago we learned a flash mob dance to do at our ward's valentine's dance. So fun!

such a fun group of girls!

morning face

she gives the greatest kisses.

my little mini me.

baby cuddles. just the best!

reading to my girl.

a sunday post that was never posted

Sunday morning we woke up to a snow storm! Totally random and unexpected. The weather here is constantly changing from one extreme to the other. Definitely keeps things interesting and makes the winter go by really fast! 70's one second and then blizzard and in the teens the next!

dinner with the elders!

the weekend

I call this "the happy zombie"

still loving her mama roo! the other night I put her in it and then i did a bunch of funny tricks and she laughed and laughed and thought i was soooo funny. she makes me feel cool. ;)

devin bandaged my hand because my cut got infected and i was whining too much because the bandaid wouldn't stay on that part of my hand. #hardlife
(just so you all know, i'm healed now.)

i love doing her hair. It's like having a doll.

snuggling with dad.

saturday morning ettie and i got coffee with the girls! 
aka i got hot chocolate and ettie got a cinnamon muffin. we went with a few other med school wives and we got to talk about babies and boards and school and how stressed our husbands are and how many kids we want. They were shocked when i said 5 or 6 (kinda just threw it out there after a girl said she is done now that she's having her second.) They forget i'm mormon ;) 
by the way... i really wish i could do emojis on my blog.

One of devin's classmates came by to borrow jumper cables and ettie LOVES him! Probably because he wants to be a pediatrician and so he has the kid loving vibe.

Saturday night out on the town! It's been so cold here lately! But ettie loves the cold so it's good. She gets so excited when it's windy!