Monday, March 2

ettie daily

I take ettie to the gym every day and she stays in kids club and LOVES it! It's so cute and I love seeing her socialize and play with other babies. She totally hated it at first and would cry and want to be held the whole time but now she's totally over it and i'm so proud of her! Now when I go in to get her she just shrugs her shoulders like "oh hi mom.." Makes my mama heart happy that she can be independent.
here she is with some baby friends:

Ettie has been an angel while i teach piano lessons. I wasn't sure how long her good behavior would  last  but on most days she will nap through a few lessons and then play with her toys for the rest of the lessons that day. On Wednesdays she goes to my friend's house because that's when I have most of my students and it's just easier that way. If she isn't there during a lesson my students always ask where baby ettie is.

future pianist.

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