Tuesday, March 31

ettie's ears and our birth week

Yesterday Ettie and I flew back from utah (i recap our trip in the next post) and the flight was HORRIBLE! By time we got of the plane, ettie and i were both crying. AWK.WARD.
Turns out ettie has a double ear infection and she refused to drink or suck on anything on the flight and so her ears were really painful. It was so sad, but there was nothing i could do! And the flight attendants were moody and the guy next to me had too much to drink and was telling everyone dead baby jokes (is that even a thing?). It was just awful. And the craziest part: it's only an hour flight.

Anyway... here's the little sugar plum today in her overalls.

And this is what she does when someone says "big girl ettie!" (A trick from her grandpa bob)

We went running outside today and stopped halfway through to swing!

And then we went to one of Devin's classmate's house to eat lunch. They are all very stressed and asked each other random medical trivia all through lunch. They all have boards coming up in about a week and a half and so we rarely see dev. Poor guy has to study during our family birth week!

speaking of birth week.... this is what my counter looks like right now! Yippee!!
We have easter coming up and our birthdays (April 3, 5, 7) all coming up. I'm determined to make 3 cakes and one is cooking in the oven right this second! Wish me luck.

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