Monday, March 2

more pictures!

sad day... after 10 months, ettie finally realized that she can take off her head bands. 

but sometimes she forgets she has one on and i get a quick picture.

this particular sunday, we went to sacrament meeting and then the bishop sent everyone home because it was snowing wayyy bad and there weren't enough primary teachers. Boo yah!

These are some of ettie's friends. She loves all of the kids in our ward. Every sunday "the ettie fan club" comes to greet her. Last week a little 5 year old asked to sit with ettie during sacrament meeting and fed her crackers and played with her the whole time. So cute.

Last week I got devin to go on a Sonic drink run with me. I don't know if he'll ever understand the fun of going to the sonic drive through and getting a drink. Some things are just best done with your high school/college besties.

Devin says ettie looks like Leonardo Da Vinci in "Ever After" in this picture. bahahah

Going to dinner in a snow storm! Best time to go! No lines.

A week ago we went with our friends, Jason and Ashley, to North County Taqueria for some amazing tacos! I'm obsessed with tacos right now and these were so so good. 
I realized recently that for my whole life i've never ordered spicy food because Devin doesn't like it and no one in my family likes it so I have just always gone with the crowd. But guess what! I LOVE spicy food. and I love corn tortillas! more than flour tortillas. GASP! Life changing stuff you guys.

Devin joined us at the library one day. Ettie loves playing with her dad.

Ettie in her corner. She plays with her toys in this little area between the couch and the tv.

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  1. Sonic runs!!!! THE BEST! Boys just don't understand :)


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