Monday, March 2

snow day

Last week denver had a snow day. and there wasn't even that much snow. #weaksauce
But the roads were wayyyyy bad and there's so many dang people driving around so it did make sense. Ettie and I stayed close to home though and only ventured out to King Soopers right when the snow started.

grocery shopping is serious business.

her newest trick: taking off her shoes and socks whenever we get in the car. drives me crazy. I put her shoes and socks back on about 420 times per day.

snow selfie.

Late night walk (like 7:30 pm) to get the mail!

cozy in her crib! (until her night terrors begin. bless her heart.)

I wanted to get out of the house on our snow day and so I decided we would take a walk. but i failed to realize that strollers don't maneuver so well in deep snow. So it was a short, but really hard, walk.

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