Monday, March 2

sunday monday or always

Yesterday we went to church. duh. ;)

and ettie was sooooooo good all 3 hours. I swear she's the best baby in the world.
(minus her night terrors. She wakes up every couple of hours screaming like she's in pain and after about 2 minutes she stops. But she doesn't actually ever wake up during it. It scares me sooooooooo bad. Probably because I watch way too many episodes of walking dead each night and so i'm really on edge all the time. But that's another story.) seriously though... any walking dead fans out there? Let's discuss.

she loves her lamp.

after her sunday nap. doesn't she look so grown up?

this morning she just wanted to chill for a couple of minutes .. . so we did. 

then we got ready and went to the gym. I ran for 45 minutes and then went to a body pump class (my fave) and 20 minutes into the class we were doing squats and i totally hurt my knee. nice going stepherzzz... I just stood there awkwardly while everyone else was doing the sequence because I couldn't go on. and then i put all my weights away and left. walk of shame. 

her newest trick: scrunchy face.

riding around in dad's suitcase. she loves when her dad comes home!

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