Monday, March 2

the weekend

I call this "the happy zombie"

still loving her mama roo! the other night I put her in it and then i did a bunch of funny tricks and she laughed and laughed and thought i was soooo funny. she makes me feel cool. ;)

devin bandaged my hand because my cut got infected and i was whining too much because the bandaid wouldn't stay on that part of my hand. #hardlife
(just so you all know, i'm healed now.)

i love doing her hair. It's like having a doll.

snuggling with dad.

saturday morning ettie and i got coffee with the girls! 
aka i got hot chocolate and ettie got a cinnamon muffin. we went with a few other med school wives and we got to talk about babies and boards and school and how stressed our husbands are and how many kids we want. They were shocked when i said 5 or 6 (kinda just threw it out there after a girl said she is done now that she's having her second.) They forget i'm mormon ;) 
by the way... i really wish i could do emojis on my blog.

One of devin's classmates came by to borrow jumper cables and ettie LOVES him! Probably because he wants to be a pediatrician and so he has the kid loving vibe.

Saturday night out on the town! It's been so cold here lately! But ettie loves the cold so it's good. She gets so excited when it's windy!

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