Friday, April 24

ettie turns one

We had so much fun celebrating this little one year old! (Where did that year go?)
She's changed so much and seems so much older now that she's one. Like today she watched winnie the pooh while she ate lunch and it hit me how much older she is! She isn't a tiny baby anymore!

Anyway, she loved her birthday and she LOVED eating cake! She felt so special.

Devin was studying for boards and so we decided to have her birthday party a week later (April 11) with our friends. So for her actual birthday I just did her favorite things with her: book babies at the library, eating a blueberry muffing, swinging at the park, pb&j sandwich for lunch, playing at the library, getting a balloon at the grocery store.

eating her muffin and pointing to her balloon. 

This is the cake I made her for her actual birthday. 

so for her party a week later, I made a cake for the guests and a cake for her. (Recipes from SweetaPolita) I'm totally caked out and hope i never have to make a cake again. ha just kidding. I'm just needing a break from baking for a while.

ettie's cake:

Lighting the candles!
She LOVED her cake. When we put it on her tray she knew it was special and looked around the room and each person and smiled. 

Wednesday, April 1

spring break SLC

Friday night Ettie and I arrived in Salt Lake, and I took my sister in law and her friends to see Insurgent! Girl's night!! woot woot!

I love junior high peeps so much. They all had the exact same outfit on! So cute! I gave them a hard time for forgetting to tell me to wear plaid to the movie.

Ettie had fun playing with all of her grandparent's toys.

We went to City Creek one day and it was so pretty out! I love the view of the temple! Living away from it makes me appreciate it more. I also love chick fil a which is where we ate lunch!

Ettie changed so much in just 10 days! 
-She started walking (with assistance of course). 
-She started pointing to every single object (ie. lights, fans, tv, clock) and expects you to say the name of it.
-She says mmm mmm mmm when she's eating something yummy.
-She raises one hand like she has a question.

My little spring chick!

Aunt Hallie:

Grandma Shannon:

Grandpa Steve:

Lots of love and attention!

pounding out some tunes!

I went to the grocery store in Holladay to pick up some stuff for ettie and I almost shed a tear because of how calm and clean the grocery store was. This aint no king soopers!

I found this creepy tiny doll in the toy closet and so I hid it around the house for my mom to find it. bahaha. Creepiest little face.

And then I found it in my wallet.

She was very concerned about the fire truck driving by.

One night we went to Taqueria in Holladay and it was very delicious. 
(not as good as denver tacos- sorry guys- but I still love it.)

St George

Ettie and I went to Utah for 10 days while Devin studied for boards.For part of the trip we drove to St George to stay at my parent's condo and swim and relax. It was so fun to be warm and lay in the sun!

McDonald's for a "snack" before we stopped for lunch. It's really bad to be hungry on a road trip.

The huge chair at the Beaver gas station. Ettie was so happy to get out of the car.

Another stop for food. Costa Vida this time! Ettie loves their kids quesadillas.
ahhhhh swimming! The weather was so nice (80's the whole time) and ettie was not a fan of swimming. She gets a tad bit nervous which is why i am signing us up for mommy and me swim classes this summer.

Riding her little musical car. Isn't the swim suit the best? The hat kills me.

Little pool diva.

While we were visiting, it was my dad's birthday! So fun to celebrate with him by eating brown toppers at dairy queen!

St George has the greatest little splash pad/fountain/stream area and ettie loved it!

She loves little kids and has no fear! She likes to walk right up to them and pat them on the back. Or walk right into them so they have to get out of her way.

I made her go on the carousel. I just love rides so much! Ettie wasn't really amused. 

Driving back to SLC. Poor ettie holding her infected ear and eating a sucker.