Friday, April 24

ettie turns one

We had so much fun celebrating this little one year old! (Where did that year go?)
She's changed so much and seems so much older now that she's one. Like today she watched winnie the pooh while she ate lunch and it hit me how much older she is! She isn't a tiny baby anymore!

Anyway, she loved her birthday and she LOVED eating cake! She felt so special.

Devin was studying for boards and so we decided to have her birthday party a week later (April 11) with our friends. So for her actual birthday I just did her favorite things with her: book babies at the library, eating a blueberry muffing, swinging at the park, pb&j sandwich for lunch, playing at the library, getting a balloon at the grocery store.

eating her muffin and pointing to her balloon. 

This is the cake I made her for her actual birthday. 

so for her party a week later, I made a cake for the guests and a cake for her. (Recipes from SweetaPolita) I'm totally caked out and hope i never have to make a cake again. ha just kidding. I'm just needing a break from baking for a while.

ettie's cake:

Lighting the candles!
She LOVED her cake. When we put it on her tray she knew it was special and looked around the room and each person and smiled. 

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