Wednesday, June 24

Salt Lake City Visit

Last week, Ettie and I went to Utah! Devin was doing a rotation in Fort Collins and was gone for a month so we tried to find lots of things to fill our time... like traveling.

Ettie was so excited when she saw my mom at the airport! She had the cutest surprised face and then the biggest smile. 

We spent the week checking off my to do list.... aka my list of places i wanted to eat. 
Zupas: 3 times
Rumbi island grill
Cafe Rio
In N Out
Cheesecake Factory
The Dodo
Hokulia (for shave ice)

Ettie was really excited about her balloon at Dan's... as you can see.

She's in a stair climbing phase and she's very lucky to have a grandpa that will let her go up and down the stairs over and over. (I get too bored after a couple of times.) She loved climbing their stone steps in the backyard.

Ettie approves of the desserts at Kneaders.

and the chocolate covered strawberries at Zupas. Lucky girl!

She played and played with all of the fun toys at her grandparents'!

Love this pose.

waiting to be seated. She looks like she's in trouble.

never ending attention!

And then Devin came for the weekend! Woot Woot!

And Devin's dad came into town for Father's day!

I just love all of these. Sorry for the picture overload!

How we roll.

Safety First!

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  1. Ahh! ettie is just too cute! She makes the cutest faces!


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