Tuesday, June 30

shooting and more ettie

A few weeks ago we went shooting out in the middle of no where. Devin has a membership to this shooting range but it's way out east in the plains.  Basically in Kansas. K not really, but it was pretty far. 
We drove east for 30 minutes to this tiny town and then drove north for a while and then got on a dirt rode and drove on that for a good 20 minutes and then finally got to the entrance and kept driving for a few more minutes. Holy moly. 

But it was so pretty and quiet out there! (well besides the gun shots.... hahaha just realized how dumb that sounds.)

Ettie wasn't really digging the ear muffs. But we gotta protect those little ears!

Awww another random ettie picture. Love that morning face.

She's very helpful.... 

See what I mean?
And she's really good at looking innocent.

The first week of june I had a piano recital for all my adorable students! They all played duets (which turns out it's soooo hard when you're a kid!). But they did so good! I am really proud of them and their hard work.

She loves her dad.

and her mom too..

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