Thursday, July 23

Utah wedding!

Two weekends ago we went to Utah for a wedding for Devin's friend, Brad! Devin and Brad have been close friends for a long time so it was fun to be there for his wedding! 

It was the perfect, sunny day at the Draper Temple!

It was so fun getting together with so many friends! Tera and Jeremy came up from Arizona!

All the guys!

Family selfie. 

On sunday i said "want to go night night?" and she immediately laid down on the floor. Church can be exhausting.

So spoiled getting to play with her two grandparents at the water table!

shopping and snacking.

We got her adorable back pack at the nordstrom sale! such a spoiled baby. and she LOVES her backpack. It's so funny! She still wears it around the house!

Devin flew back on Sunday to be back for school, so ettie and I stayed in utah until tuesday and then drove back all by ourselves! I'm soooo proud of myself! and ettie did such a good job! She only got sad the last hour of the trip. I had two big baskets next to me on the front seat: one full of snacks, the other full of toys and I would just constantly hand stuff back to her. Then whenever we stopped, I would collect everything into the baskets and start over again. Worked like a charm! (I had to get over my OCD tendencies and let her eat in the car (obviously). But don't worry- I brought my hand held vacuum though to vacuum her carseat whenever we stopped. )

here she is watching finding nemo. I took two rubber bands and attached the iPad to the back of the head rest. Kept her entertained for a little bit. 

This is during the last hour. The best thing I brought with me on this trip was my noise canceling headphones! ;) 

breckenridge for the fourth!

For the fourth of july we went up to Breckenridge, CO! It was so nice to be up in the mountains! They had a lot of fun activities and festivities for the fourth: parade, symphony performance, fireworks, horseback riding, chalk art festival, waterfight on main street, gondola riding to the tops of the mountains. Very fun!

We loved riding in the gondolas! I wish the window wasn't so scratched, but you can kind of get an idea of how pretty it was.  

Whenever we are at a restaurant she likes to take a napkin and wrap it around her neck like a shawl. So silly.

View from our pool

Dressed up and ready for the parade!

The only picture i got with her. :(

This one worked out better. 1 out of 2 looking.

She loved the parade! A few people stopped to take a picture of her. haha 

Clapping for the floats.

Sweet shades!

One of the best parts was trying to get her to ride a pony. We bought her a ticket and then stood in line and she totally freaked out when it was her turn. They even let devin walk around the circle holding onto her while she rode, which was very nice of them. But she was NOT a fan.  The first picture kills me: biggest helmet ever. 

She looks so sad! :( But look how cute that pony is! Sweet little Cinnamon.

The firefighters sprayed water in the street so the kids could run through it.

River + symphony.

Family picture!

She was soooo good! I made her stay up (devin protested) until 10 to watch fireworks and she was so happy and got in a silly hyper mood. 

and then the next morning she was super cranky and upset and so this is devin's "I told you so face".  But fourth of july fireworks? so worth it!

And then we took the long way home and went up to Loveland pass. So cool and so high!

ettie photo shoot

We've had a couple of crazy weekends in a row where we were traveling, so it's nice to be home this week and to get back into a routine. And what's better than morning photo shoot to occupy our time? The perfect time to be outside before it gets too hot. And I was really happy that I got her to look at the camera for one picture :)