Tuesday, August 25

mom and dad visit!

A couple of weeks ago my parents came to visit us! It was so fun to have them here and ettie loved seeing them! 

She thinks her grandpa is pretty cool. I don't know what it is, but ettie LOVES her grandpas. Probably because they're so cool.

We did lots of fun things! Eating at delicious restaurants, shopping, etc. Just the usual things we like to do. Props to my dad for driving 3 different times down to Park Meadows mall (30 minutes away) because pottery barn didn't give us the correct rug that we had purchased.

Ettie got to go to her first movie in the movie theater! Curious George. (i may have teared up when we were walking in. she's such a big girl!) She really liked it and watched it for about 40 minutes! Then we left. 

Devin and I got to go on a date! It was so fun to get out and to see a movie together! Thanks mom and dad!

ettie is so lucky! she got a baby doll and a stroller and books! 

After church pictures are never a good idea. Best to always take them before. Ettie was really struggling.

This one makes me laugh because ettie loves looking for planes right now. She immediately stopped crying and looked up at the sky when she heard one.

Thanks mom and dad for coming out and for taking me to cafe rio and krispy kremes on your last morning here! 

ettie was trying to hide in their luggage and go home with them.

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  1. You are the cutest pregnant person ever! And i love your parents - so fun that they got to visit!


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