Tuesday, August 25

weekend in the mountains

This weekend we went up to the mountains because it's been so hot here in denver!
We found this little path to walk around the lake near silverthorne and it was so pretty.

Devin taught ettie how to throw rocks into the lake.

The next night we had a ward picnic in the mountains. It was so much fun! We had dinner and then a fireside/singing time. Ettie loved the singing part and was really into it.

The kids in our ward LOVE ettie and are so cute with her. She loves it! They took care of her the whole night and played with her. She's a lucky girl!

At one point I looked over and ettie was sitting in a mud puddle eating the mud. So we had to have a wardrobe change. 

And then Devin was nice enough to let me drive home with some friends so we could stop at the J crew outlet on the way home. :)

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